April 8th, 2007


To Those in the Know and Kat, From Thomas

Hello, I'm Peter's seceratary, Thomas. He says if I don't shut up and stop calling myself that he's going to make me wear a dress. I think that's very funny.

Anyway, he's making me say things. I might put my own spin on them and he'll be horrified, which...let's face it...is always fun.

He is telling me to tell you all that came to see him that he was very glad to see you today. You made him feel very loved and happy. And he says anyone can visit him tomorrow too. He might be a bit desperate because of the whole not moving thing. That was me that said that though, not him. Oh and he says thank you for taking care of things while he was gone.

He also says that Robert's gone from the manor house. He wanted you all to know so you weren't worried about the safety of the people that still live there.

He also called me sexy. And gosh darnit, he's right!

He just tried to throw a grape at me and failed miserably and now I feel bad. Ooops!
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To Those in the Know

its peter cant typpe well

those priests have a girl there and she rhas redhair and theyre goign to hurt her. i dreamde of her. ther e must be others and we have to go save them thomas is at svetlanas but i know he'll go

we need to move quickly
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To Those in the Know, From Thomas

Robert, did you warn them? Your fucked up little friends. Did you warn them to get out because we were coming?

If you did, those people's suffering is on your head.

No one was there. Nothing. The entire place had been cleared out. How do you DO that? Peter said they had a rack and a witch chair and hot pokers and how the HELL do you just pack it all up and move? Goddammit.

And I looked in a few other places too. Nothing.

What the hell ARE these people!?
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