April 19th, 2007


To Those in the Know and Kat

Well, I have news. Those fuckers came after me again. Well one of them did. Thomas and I went to the hospital to have one last look just in case I wanted to change anything before the renovations started. Thomas went upstairs and one of them snuck in a drew a gun on me. Now, I know a gun is not something I have to fear much beyond 'ow', but some reflexes you never do lose. He said I'll never get this hospital going. Which of course means I'm only going to work twice as hard. Fucking bastard. He hit me over the head which, considering what I've been through felt like nothing. Then, however, he kicked me in a delicate area. Mmmhmm. And he was going to shoot me in the head, but Thomas saw it and yelled. He shot Thomas instead. Three times. And Thomas just kept yelling and chasing him. So he ran. And because Thomas had been shot and I was incapacitated, the fucker got away. Then I had the rather lovely experience of digging bullets out of my friend so the wounds could heal.

I've hired security to keep watch on the hospital at all times. I don't believe they'll do anything in front of people who could put them in jail. They won't risk exposure. I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons they wanted me 'taken care of'. It seems a tad desperate to send a gunman after me...desperate and against most of what they believe in, which granted is a load of bollocks, but murder is still a sin. They wouldn't consider burning a heretic as 'murder'. Shooting a man point blank in the head? I would think so. And they haven't stopped me. They haven't accomplished a thing, except showing me I need security looking after the place.

I am so fucking relieved Lavannah didn't come with me today. She was supposed to, but Thomas came instead in the end.
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