April 25th, 2007


Filtered to Spectre-From Thomas

Hi, Spectre, it's Thomas. I'm posting from Kat's computer because she told me to. She said "if you want to use my computer to flirt with Spectre you could do it now and I'll go take a bath." Not that I needed to be told to to flirt with you.

I was wondering...would you play for me sometime? Because I've heard about your music and Peter goes on and on and on (and on) about it. I'd just like to see you play. If that's okay. I think it'd be nice.

Just don't let me sing.
Grief, To Cry

Friends Only, Filtered away from Aly

Okay well...fair warning?

I think it's safer to stay away from Aly at the moment (unless you happen to be her brother or her parents) as she just might throw scalding tea at you and call you names. One of which happened to be 'scoundrel'. Oh and 'cad'. Watch out for 'cad'. Though you might be fine, you aren't the ones who 'knocked her up and then checked out'.

Either way, she decided to induce labour, we just need to wait until the doctor can fit us in.
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