May 8th, 2007

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Friends Only

Tasha, I have a present for you! I'm so excited to give it to you! One could even call me giddy. Actually Mathilda just did. She also says I'm 'unruly' and a 'ruffian' and I am much easier to put up with when I am immobile! I can't help it, she makes me laugh so much! She's all stern and it makes me giggle and then she hits me with things. She keeps kicking me out of Aly's room too. She did the same to Aly when I was broken. This has to prove our theory about the nun!

I'm in such a good mood lately! I think I'm scaring Liz. She asked me if I put too much sugar in my coffee this morning. But I have wonderful children, a healthy amazing baby, and my beautiful wife is home and feeling well. It just makes me happy. It's nice. There's a new member of the family as well. Liz and Emma are fostering a girl named Zoe. I have yet to meet her because I've been here making a unicorn costume. For Anna in her school play, not just because I always wanted to be a unicorn. I'm going round there soon, though. Welcome, Zoe.
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