May 16th, 2007

*Big Sighs*

To Those in the Know

Without going into the details too much, we now have in our company one Alessandro Dragonetti. Not that he is pleased about this. He's a member of the inquisitorial templar order. He's being kept by Rolf and the ever stalwart Brother Stuart until we can figure some way to imprison the bastard for life. He was involved in the torture I endured and I have no doubt he was involved in everything else, including the death of Robert. He is the one who delivered the ashes to me. We are hoping to learn more from him, but as we are not about to torture him, I'm not sure what information he'll give up.

We do know some things, however. Caoilfhionn is or was working with them, which negates what we previously thought. I spoke with her yesterday in the hopes to negate that relationship, but who knows how that went. She's very impulsive and I was being bashed against a wall at the time. They also let slip that somehow, they know Kait and Renee's names and their relationship to Deirdre (how they know this is not important). They don't know where Kait and Renee or Deirdre reside, however, and I intend to keep it that way. Keeping Dragonetti and Caoilfhionn apart is of utmost importance because he threatened to send her to kill my wife and take my children away as well if I did not give up Renee and Kait, which I never would. I'll let you know if we find anything else out.

As for me, I am not doing so well. I ask you to have patience with me. I'll figure myself out sooner or later.
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