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That somehow this black night feels warmer for the spark -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Father Peter Kemp

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To Those in the Know [04 Jun 2007|10:18pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Today was mad. That's...kind of the only way to describe it. This morning we decided to undertake an expedition to the museum of Valencia. It's....incredible. Look. Christina wanted to accompany us, as she and Aly are both British Museum alums. It was amusing to hear them comparing notes. "Our displays are so much better." And then I said that the people who worked at the British Museum were so much more beautiful too, and they both kissed my cheek!! Peter wins! Anyway, Christina was not the only one that decided to come along. Svetlana wanted to see it as well, and thus, we dragged Thomas along for the ride. He was Not Pleased to be taken away from his ocean. In fact, he made quite a point to look grotty and wear the most touristy things he could find. And a hat. Because days in the sea water make Thomas's hair all curly! Hee! Anyway, he started making the best faces while we were waiting (forever) for a tram. He looked quite annoyed. And then Svetlana befriended some American tourists and she informed them rather loudly "This is Thomas! He is my impotent boyfriend! And that is why Peter is my baby daddy!" And then Thomas looked at me like this. Poooor Thomas. And he insists it was because he was hungry, but I know the truth. Emma, meanwhile, is confused because she did not know Svetlana was having my child (oops...)

Anyway...in the afternoon, Lydia went with the older girls to go shopping. They were rather successful and brought back some wonderful things. And some holes in some ears. But Lydia looks very grown up and beautiful. Then came meeting family members I've never met before. Cousin Vincenza, who is a 17 year old who must be some sort of supermodel. And for some reason she wouldn't let go of me. That is when I realised I picked up a bit of crazy down in St. Sebastians. I do not like people touching me if I don't know them. She's Aly's family, and I was terrified she was going to jab my side with a hot poker. Anyway, then I met her father, Cousin Alejandro and he was confused when Jacinta introduced me as her son. He said "David, what have you done with your hair?" and I think David was a tad insulted at that. Me, I just giggled. But then he hugged me and I had a panic attack. But I hid it well, thank you! Hopefully I'll get over that whole...DON'T TOUCH ME thing. Probably when lovely family members don't hot poker me in the side. Or...anywhere else.

Ahem. Best part of the night? During David's rehearsal dinner, Brian decided to be an arse. He walked up to David and inquired as to why he was getting married to a woman if he's gay. He could take a hint from 'the lesbos' instead. And Thomas, who had had enough today, just punched him in the arm. No hesitation. And Brian looked shocked. And everyone applauded Thomas and he's now been accepted as a cousin too!

Impotence and all.

David gets married tomorrow!!

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