June 5th, 2007


Friends Only-David's Wedding!

David is married!! And he and Christina are safely on their...whatever it is they're doing. And the party here is still going, but I am old and tired, so I came inside amid shrieks of happiness and cheer (not because I was leaving...)

Last night was the bachelor party and it was...interesting. How come it was David's bachelor party and they still kept buying ME lapdances. Is it because I turn red? I was Not Amused. There was a barely clad girl dancing over me and all I could think was 'I wonder if she gets cold when she does this in the winter? I should give her a blanket.' Which I don't think is the point. Thomas, however, had the night of this life and he said announced "There should always be bachelor parties" rather loudly to everyone. He didn't get a feather boa this time, though. Woe is Thomas.

This is going to be long. I shall cut it just for you. Today was the wedding.Collapse )