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That somehow this black night feels warmer for the spark -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Father Peter Kemp

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To Those in the Know [07 Jun 2007|04:21pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Today we spent some time in the city, shopping and walking around. I took more pictures but you can't see them yet! Mostly because I am lazy and slightly annoyed. So there. I bought lots of presents! And Thomas and I had a daddy/son adventure when we got lost in a shopping centre and Aly had to call for us over the intercom. Yes, I realise that usually happens to five-year-olds. You can stop laughing now. All the things were in Spanish and I didn't know where I was! Also, I am quite annoyed by the fact that men's toilets don't have baby changing tables. Men have babies too. You know those people they call fathers? Why should Aly have to do it everytime we go somewhere? And what about single fathers? Some places have family restrooms which is good, but they're still rare. So I changed Thomas's diaper on the counter where the sinks were and several young lads gave me horrified looks and started protesting quite loudly. I gave them quite a bollocking in German (because when I get angry I do that, it wasn't on purpose) and they say 'we don't speak Nazi' and left. It was in Spanish, but I understood it.

How nice. At least they left instead of messing with me. It's hard to kick arse when you're carrying a diaper bag.

It's our last day here, so we're having a nice laid back evening to talk and just enjoy each other's company. Then I think Isabella might be coming back with us. She recieved Spectre's package and nearly died of happy and I think she rang everyone she knows which is a lot of people. She found out about your concert on the 17th, Adrian, and she wants to come. I told her we already had a charter plane going that way and I can pay to fly her back afterwards and she flattened me. But with kisses, not...mean things.

See you all tomorrow. I'm the nazi with the diaperbag, apparently. But what was I supposed to do, let him be all..icky? Poor Thomas. And then he'd cry and you just know I'd get whispers of 'horrible irresponsible father'. Sometimes you just can't win.

Oh, and can someone please get Rhianwyn's cello for her? Be careful when you do it. Make sure her brother Owen is home. But it's important. I had a dream about it.

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To Those in the Know [07 Jun 2007|10:07pm]
[ mood | Shitty ]

What would you know, you left your daughter for 11 years. With a fucking drug addict that was abusing her. Who are you to tell me anything.

Well there that is.

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