July 5th, 2007

To Cry, Grief

Friends Only

Deirdre arrived at my house this afternoon and she asked me to admit her to the hospital. She wouldn't let me ring anyone, and she said if I didn't do it, she would do something drastic to herself. I did what she asked me to, even though I hate it. She's at my hospital now, and she asked that no one see her right away. I think she just needs some time to work things out. Things have been rough lately, for a lot of people. I have faith in her, however. Coming to me was a much better decision than doing said drastic thing. It tells me she wants to get better.

She told me to tell you that you're in charge of the theatre, David. And Gracelin should play Hero. She also told me to tell Adrian that she still wants to do music with you. She doesn't want people to give up on her.

Anyway...I don't know what else to say.
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