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That somehow this black night feels warmer for the spark -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Father Peter Kemp

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To Those in the Know [07 Jul 2007|10:52pm]
[ mood | good ]

I saw Deirdre today. We had a very good talk, and I think by the end of it, we both felt very encouraged. She told me she would be okay. She also said that anyone can visit her now, if they want. She's going to take some time to work through things, but she feels that now she knows what she has to work through. It made me endlessly happy to hear that.

Gavin's parents are visiting, and they are wonderful people. We had a nice dinner with them, and they're staying here tonight. Then they will spend a few days just getting reacquainted with their son before returning to Edinburgh. I'm so happy they came here. It's made Gavin very happy. And his dogs are making Cardinal Sin, Petey and Raphael very happy too. It's a pack. I have a pack living in my house!

Aly and I had fun after dinner playing the baby name game. Pierre made me think of one the other day. If we have a girl, I want to use the name Lauren. I have her memories inside me, after all. I think it's only fitting. Aly really likes it. She wasn't as impressed with 'Princess' but that was a joke! We bounced a few more names back and forth. We don't know if it's two boys, or a boy and a girl, or two girls...so exciting! We're just collecting names on a piece of paper because were both impatient sillies like that.

And every time I write down 'Dorcas' she crosses it out. How rude, honestly!

It's been a good day. I'm whimsical.

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