July 31st, 2007



You'd think you'd have had enough of grief, Peter. But apparently you just want to perpetuate this cycle of misery so you can have your precious drink.

He said that to me. He said THAT to me, Thomas. And I know now that he wishes he hadn't.

But god...he threatened to take them away. Is it really that easy to break up my family? Steal a face and boom, it's done? What if it'd spent all day like I have been, by myself?! Would they ever have believed me?
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To Cry, Grief

To Those in the Know

At this juncture, I believe it would be a good idea to actually explain what the vague post from yesterday actually meant for those of you who didn't see or understand. My brain is working better now, as it has recovered from shock and being slammed against things. Well, the shock part is not remotely true.

I'm not going to go in to why, because it's personal, but one of the angels on my staff decided that she has some sort of vendetta against me. Only she didn't take it out on me. She came here yesterday and she took it out on Aly. And she did it while looking like me, because angels can do that if they're experienced enough at controlling their visions. The angel in question, Aurelia, is 41. I have no doubt she's been able to do this for years. Aly thought she was me, and Aurelia hurt her. Aly has a bruised lung from a bottle to the chest, her back is hurt from where she hit the counter and her face is bruised as well. She has a pretty nasty black eye. Thank everything everywhere, the baby is fine. But because I've admittedly been a bit of a noodle recently, Aly believed I did it. And when she told David and Tasha, they believed I was capable of it as well. I assure you, I am not, but I honestly don't blame them for believing it. It's pretty hard to refute an eyewitness testimony like that. I was at the hospital all day, however. And if you feel the need to check that, I won't blame you either. Honestly. Aly means to much to so many people, and I'm just glad to know she is so fiercely loved. Rolf, Stuart, Abby, Thomas and Robert were all with me so they can validate my whereabouts. Before that I was at Spectre's, and before that I was with Tasha. I wasn't alone since I left the house in the very early morning.

That being said, when Aly went to the doctor she refused to lie for me. She didn't tell them what happened exactly, but the doctor rang the police and now I have police officers asking me questions. Paul rang and he called me an 'unbelievable arse'. And I can't exactly tell them 'a crazy angel hates me'. Well I could tell Paul...but that wouldn't help much, since he's not investigating me, that was just a 'courtesy call'. So I'll have to hope they believe my alibi. Otherwise I could be in some trouble here.

As for other things, Robert is still here. We're trying to figure out why, so he doesn't end up stuck. And Rolf is out looking for Aurelia now. Rest assured she won't get away with what she's done. And if you see 'me' and I'm doing things out of character, don't argue with her. She's clearly trying to separate me from the people I love. Ring me or Rolf or Thomas or...someone. We'll deal with her.

Lastly, for the way I've been lately? I am so deeply sorry. I'll stop now. I really will. This is as big a wake up call as they come, believe me.
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