August 9th, 2007

Easy Smiles Earring

To Those in the Know

Hello! Birthdays are magnificent! I went out to lunch with my wonderful family and we had a very good time. Robert gave me a shiny shirt and Aly gave me...well...stuff..

And then Aly took this picture of me in the shiny shirtCollapse )

Which she says makes me look like I belong in the Mafia. Don't I look amused? It must be the unshaven thing. I'm so grotty when I have a headache...but look, no bruises (at least not on my face)! And that's Robert's ring you can see around my neck. You can't usually see it because I'm not usually wearing mafioso chic. Robert won't let me take the shirt jackety thing OFF now. He's so mean.

Apparently I have a thing later tonight. Aly won't tell me what it is, but I am excited now! I hope you are all having a good day as well!