August 18th, 2007

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To Those in the Know

I'm at Svetlana's just so everyone knows. I'll be home soon, I just didn't want everyone to think I'd wandered off and gotten lost or something and I was stuck somewhere utterly confused.

Dear god...I hope that doesn't happen. Should I wear a bell?

Anyway, Svetlana thought I was growing a baby in my head because my brains are being eaten. And earlier today Aly told Rosa I had a thing growing in my head and she said 'is it a tree?' And I'm in such a good mood that I think that's hilarious. I'm naming my tumor 'Bonsai'.

I had a good day. Svetlana is good for that. We watched her fish and now we even ordered Russian food for dinner. Well...we ordered Russian food and pizza, and Svetlana put the Russian food on the pizza. She said it was 'Russian pizza' and she ate that. But you know...I'm sure she and Rasputina enjoyed it. And then I sang to Rasputina and she moved around. It's soon now. Only a few months away. I hope my baby brain tree is all gone by then because I want to remember her being born. I want to be there. Maybe I should feed Bonsai some Miracle Gro?

Please excuse my sense of humour, by the way. Today everything is funny.
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