October 13th, 2007

Here for you, Near

To Those in the Know

Hello. This...is probably strange for many people, but reports of my death have been...not exaggerated. Just...out of date, really. Ahem. I'm home now, and I've spent the last several hours reading everything online because I can't really do anything else. My body is in quite a state. I don't believe I have any muscles left. And I tried to stand up, despite the good Doctor Abby's warnings, and I fell over rather ungracefully, just like she said I would. So I'm in bed now, boycotting walking or any kind of movement that isn't typing or turning my head about. I'm a rather talented head-turner at the moment. Abby says I might have some odd things happening over the next few days, which is why Katia is here with us, being nursey. If I say or do anything odd, just...go get her. Don't worry, they scanned my brains this morning and they're Bonsai-free. Good riddance, you little rascal. There's just some healing that apparently still needs to happen. Which could explain why I stayed so very dead for so very long.

I'm so sorry for the things I said and did while I was crazed. I'm more sorry that I made all of you so sad. I hate to cause people pain. But I love you all so much. I was reading things like this and you all make me feel so wonderfully loved. I've replied to a few posts filtered to me that you probably didn't expect to have me reply to... And then there's this. I meant every word of that. I still do, and now there's even more people surrounding me who make me happy. So thank you.

And now I am going to take a nap because even reading makes me dreadfully tired.
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