October 14th, 2007


To Those in the Know and Kat

Some of you have very odd senses of humour. (as if I am one to talk) case in point. I suppose free v-gifts means you can send your cousin pixelated dog poo for fun.

And Deirdre...I'm glad it didn't happen to me too. At least not...permanently. Thank you for smoking with me.

I am trying to recover gracefully, but it's not always easy. Last night I had nightmares all night. Being locked in a box will do that to you. And this is the third time for me. Isn't life strange? Stranger than receiving a virtual gift of milk and cookies from beyond the grave, though? That I'm not so sure about. Thanks, Mum...

I haven't really spoken to Aly yet. But I will. Time is good. I feel bad for doing this out in the open, but I freaked out publicly before I thought better of it... Don't be angry with her, it's not her fault.

I'm all scattered. Which, I suppose, is to be expected.
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