November 8th, 2007

Oh Scruffy

To Those in the Know

I spoke with Det. Greg Horne yesterday. He's doing much better, and I managed to explain what he was going through in a way that he can understand, which in no way includes wings or anything else supernatural. He says he didn't have control of himself when he fired his gun, would hope, really... And he's terribly ashamed. He says he just wants to get past this, which I think is well in his power to accomplish.

It made me feel good, so today I went to visit one of the demons from my past. Those of you who have read my journals, he's the first demon...after Svetlana...that I got asked to help with. His name is Darren. And he's been in mental hospitals for half his life, on various drugs to keep him from acting out. He was confronting at first. But I think I may have managed to get through. Or, at the very least, I gave him something to think about. I hope he does. He's been hospitalised for far too long. I will continue to see him of course, to see if what I said has any effect. And tomorrow I plan to go see Evan. He's another of the demons I met before I knew they were demons. Of all of them...Samantha, Caoilfhionn, Katia, Evan and Darren, they are the only two still institutionalised. Though Katia works at my hospital! I want to give them every chance to get out.

Rasputina and Svetlana went home today. I miss her so much it actually aches. And she's only 5 minutes away. Not like from Melk to London. I'm such a big baby. But I love singing when I put her to bed at night, and watching her sleep. And, of course, I have lots of children I can do that with here. That doesn't make it easier that there is one who lives away from me. I'll get used to it, I guess. It's going to be difficult though. I'm going to need help.
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