December 7th, 2007

Looking Down

To Those in the Know

Right. I went to see the lovely Goddess of Pain again today. I have to admit to being a little stumped by this one. It's hard to help someone when you don't speak their language. She's a fast learner though and she does speak some English. I asked her if she liked killing people (as you do) and she did not say yes. I asked her if she liked being evil and...beyond the lovely beating, she couldn't give me anything else. Just her name. No answer. She kept saying "I am Ganub" "I am the God of Evil". Like that very fact meant she had to do what she's been doing. She seemed confused by the question. But I don't think she likes the things she does.

She mentioned names and I had to look it up online because I had to try about a thousand different spellings before I found anything (other than porn, surprise surprise) but finally I found this.

And looky. His opposite number is the nasty GANUB, with whom he battled furiously. There's never a minute's peace when you're Supreme Deity. (Or a Peter!)

She said that. She battled thinger. Whoosits. And now I in the body of a little girl who thinks she has to eat hearts. Which ew.

GANUB is unspeakably evil — so we won't speak about it. However, he did create the rainbow so he can't be all bad.

Well...hope springs eternal. And now off to research in the real place they call the library. If anyone feels bookish, you're welcome to accompany me, though I understand there's burning afoot? Maybe tomorrow is a better idea for research.

And...because sometimes it hurts and I need a reminder of why I do what I do...I went over to welcome Kait and Renee back to the country on my way home (Peter needed snuggles) and Rosa greeted me at the door. She gave me a huge kiss and a hug and she said "Hellloooooo, Peter Bighair!" And I love that. I love her. And that she's able to be here with us.

And, of course, they help as wellCollapse )