December 9th, 2007

MMmmm Black and White, omgyum

To Those in the Know

I've just returned from hospital. Thomas is in relatively high spirits, or as high as they can be considering the circumstances. I brought him lots of things to eat because he's always pretty hungry now. And he, Svetlana and I sat around, adoring the darling Rasputina. Who, I swear, changes drastically each time I see her and it makes me hyper than I'm missing things. Hyper not in a good way, mind... Also? Thomas kicked my arse at chess. After trying to explain the rules to Svetlana... So then we played Scrabble and she beat us both and we were on a TEAM. We're sad monks...

Research on our lovely African Goddess of Pain continues. I'll go in to see her tomorrow. Just letting the bruises from last time fade a little in case she decides to pummel her 'slave' again. I won't make the mistake of trying to give her a pig heart twice though. They are very gross to have in your face...

Sometimes I wish I could choose what to dream. Then I could help Thomas more. Still, I've been dreaming of Naja again. I think she'd the demon I've dreamt of the longest and been unable to help. Send me something useful! I feel the need to poke someone in to action, but there's no one to poke! Stupid universe. Still, when I wake up from the dreams, my Aly is beside me. And that I am ever thankful for.
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