December 22nd, 2007

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Friends Only

Like last year, I know that a lot of my friends have family living in other places, or do not necessarily get on with them. So I would like to invite you all here. In the interest of allowing those to come who do have other arrangements on Christmas, (and as the 25th is Anna's birthday) we will be having Christmas dinner here on the 24th. Any and all are welcome to attend. Deirdre and Jacinta will once again be providing dinner, so you know there will be enough for you and any or all of your friends. And even their friends.

I would love to spend Christmas with the people I love.
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Private-Then Filtered to David and Mary

No, that's not awkward. Not at all.

They're going to be in the same place. I'll have to watch them mingle. I'm alright with Dietrich alone. Not great, but alright. But now there will be touching and laughing and small talk and at the same time knowing he touched her and she let him and I was just lying there in a coffin wishing I could be with her and argh.

I'm not a jealous person by nature, so when I feel like this, it's quite maddening, really. And I don't know how to make it go away.

And I wish I could talk to Thomas.
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Peter leaning lovely

To Those in the Know

I found Rolf. Nevermind what he was doing when I found him, though suffice to say I'm traumatised for life. Filthy angel.

Anyway...Thomas is back where he belongs. Not without a horribly terrifying incident where he crumbled in front of my eyes and I thought he was just...gone...forever. But he's not. He's fine. Apparently quite chipper in fact now that he's not dealing with excruciating pain. He's quite content to stay where he is for a while now. In fact he said "Don't any of you lot get in trouble, or there will be a reckoning!" Or something to that effect. Rolf isn't a good Thomas-translator. But he also said he loves us, and that translated just fine.

This is just a huge relief. Something we very much needed. Rolf says because he was brought back this time with such a weak body, apparently the pull eventually just broke him down. So, ironically, the thing that caused him such a horrible ordeal, was the thing that ultimately saved him from it. Weird, but there it is. Under normal circumstances, if he'd gotten stuck here, the only way to send him back would be to solve whatever was unresolved. That disintegration would not have been possible. And while it was heart breaking to touch his hand and have it crumble...he's safe now. That's what matters.
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