December 28th, 2007

MMmmm Black and White, omgyum

Filtered to Allanah

Hello, Allanah. I wanted to ask you a favour, if that's alright. There's a demon I've been helping. Or...attempting to help. She thinks she's a God. She's from Africa, so we do have some trouble communicating, though she's getting pretty good at speaking English. She calls herself Ganub and I'm having the hardest time knowing how she came to be like she is. She also calls herself 'the heart eater' but she already tried to eat mine and she knows she can't. I don't think she'll try that on you...

She thinks I am her slave, see? And I told her I helped people like her and that they were my friends. She said she wants to speak to another God. And while I'd normally ask Deirdre, she's going to be going away again soon. And Svetlana or Rosa might say something...odd. Josie's gone and Razvan's a git. You might be able to interpret her surface thoughts as well. See things I can't see. I understand if you're not interested, but it would really help me out if you'd speak to her with me.
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