February 2nd, 2008


To Those in the Know

Because I know a lot of you are going to be concerned, me amoung them... In light of Gloria contacting Zoe, Razvan will be staying in the house with them and accompanying them anywhere they ask him to go. Gavin is there as well, to make extra sure. I would stay there, but my child is going to be born soon and there's a lot to do. Hopefully if Gloria does show up, we can find a way to get her the help she so obviously needs.

And if anyone has a problem with helping her, you just keep that to yourselves because I don't want to hear it. She needs help. Or she's going to ruin more lives.

In addition, upon checking the guesthouse, I found a note from Rosa. She's upset and she's taken off. I'm not sure exactly where, and I hope she comes back soon. I understand she needed to leave...I just miss her, and I hope she's alright by herself.
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