February 5th, 2008


To Those in the Know

I had one of my dreams. I was awake though. Or...okay I was awake until right before it, but then I had a fun seizure and was conveniently unconscious for the vision. Nice. It wasn't good. Really not good. And I don't understand an absolute word of it. Not that there were many words. Except apparently I want a supernatural whore? For...some reason?

The vision showed me Rolf. And as much as the idea of talking to him causes me to have hissy fits, I think I need to. I tried already, but big surprise he didn't answer. But I saw London burning. And Rolf said 'if only we'd stopped it'. Not 'I' and not 'you'. 'We'.

I think we need him. Dammit.

No, not dammit.

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