February 6th, 2008

O Rly, WTF are you on?, Feck off?, I think you're crazy indeed I do

To Those in the Know

You know what I am not amused by? Well, beside The Wiggles (honestly, what the hell?!) The fact that I start dreaming about these things again, exactly one year after the Fort Haven Incident. Which I didn't even remember until today when I recalled trying that Aly had tried to ring Rolf in Melk because David and I were supposed to go there, and someone said he was unavailable because he was entertaining guests from London. Which she assumed was us. But it was Mary. And David and I were stuck in a hole for two weeks because Rolf wouldn't answer his phone. Well. He still won't, and I have more flamey dreams. I could just pitch a hissy. Incidentally, researching the great London fires is depressing.

I am also not amused by my damn cousins (it wasn't Kat or Devon, mind you...) threatening my sister. Stupid criminals. Go home and keep your blood pure, just the way you like it, by inbreeding.

Sorry. Bitter and angry. But apparently some of my relations think that having money means they own the world. I've got news for them...
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