February 15th, 2008

To Cry, Grief

To Those in the Know away from Zoe

Deirdre and Rosa are not in Rome.

They're somewhere else. I have to find them. I'm going to find them. I had a vision. Someone was bidding on them. Bidding. I have to talk to Gareth.

Lauren was born. And she and Aly are fine.
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Meh, Just Bleh

To Those in the Know

Rosa's safe. She's with Rolf in Brazil. Nowhere near Nova Prata, thankfully. He found her there and he was able to purchase her off of a trader...I don't know why they were in Brazil, though I have a hunch they found out who she was and knew her family would pay a high price for her. Rolf just found him first and the price he offered was higher. He'll be bringing her home in a few days. Please...don't be horrible to him.

No news on Deirdre. I'm sorry.
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