February 23rd, 2008

Here for you, Near

Friends Only, filtered away from Dietrich

I have a cousin! Well...yes that much is obvious. I have many cousins. But few I would like to spend a day with. The number has just risen by one though! My cousin Johan came to find me, after being referred here by my dear cousin Devon. His name is actually Bertolt. Bertolt Johan Liedermann for those musically inclined. He's a pianist who occasionally plays at the opera house in Vienna. I went to see him once. He's incredible. I'd never really met him though. I'm glad be came by, he's a wonderful man. As is his boyfriend Werner! Johan is quite proud of being the black sheep of the Kempf family. He says he was disowned and it wasn't even for being gay, because at that point, he wasn't aware he was. It was for not being willing to hate people because they were gay. We have very similar views about that side of the family, which was absolutely wonderful to discover. Neither of us really knew, because we're both out of the loop and pleased to be so.

He's here to cheer Dietrich up because Devon's gone. Devon asked him to come. And Werner has a son here he came to visit. They're staying with Liz, and it feels so nice to discover a new friend like that. We had a wonderful evening together.

And yesterday? My father-in-law informed me that he's worried about my noggin and he did not care for that 'dreadful tumour business' and he would hate to put me in my own nuthatch. I informed him I was plenty well, just a bit...stressed at the moment. He said he understood. I do love that Edward.
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