March 15th, 2008

Looking Down

To Those in the Know

London seems to have entered a sort of stasis. Paul says the reports of violence are dying down, though they are by no means gone. People seem to be concentrating more on getting their affairs in order. Uncle Gabriel says he's prepared more wills for clients in the past week, than he ever has. The atmosphere hasn't relaxed. Fear is palpable, even when you walk down the street. People are waiting now. Waiting in silence and fear for the next thing. That's what it is. The buzz you get when you leave the house. Frightened anticipation. And those are the people who have stayed behind. So many just left.

And Holden and Dragonetti are still in Rome. They have the very atmosphere they wanted, and they're not here to take advantage of it. I wish I knew why.

Razvan, Rolf, Amadeo and I have done our best, trying to calm the masses. It's not so easy, but we managed to stop some violence. Thomas as well. And Astrid, bless her. And there's a concert tonight. I hope it restores a least some sense of normalcy. London has always been a buzzing, busy place. But the streets just seem...dead. And where they aren't, the activity isn't activity you'd want to see. I want to end this. Now.

Also? I want a nap, and something to eat, goddammit.
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