March 23rd, 2008

O Rly, WTF are you on?, Feck off?, I think you're crazy indeed I do

Filtered to Spectre, Mary, Thomas and David

Uhm...hi. So. I think- No, I know I just gave William permission to sleep with my wife because she's his wife too even though he's dead and apparently I've lost my mind again or something me.

This feels like a horrid question, but I know it's not. I just...Adrian, you and Thomas have something and Mary, you and Thomas have something works that way? It works, right? I haven't just kicked myself in the balls?
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Friends Only

I think I bought out an entire chocolate shop. For Easter, not just on a whim. My children seemed plenty pleased, though Lydia informed me that I was a disappointment because I didn't wear bunny ears. Thank you, Little Darling. I'll just take that on board.

And show Dylan your baby pictures.

Ahem. No, I wasn't just playfully vindictive to my daughter! Who is almost a teenager...

I've lost the plot there. And the plot was, Happy Easter. I know it wasn't for everyone. But I hope that you at least found cause to smile.
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