April 13th, 2008

Oh Goodness Me

Friends Only

My beautiful, pink-haired, goddess of a cousin got married to her beautiful fiance today. It was an incredible wedding. Briar Rose is an amazing place! I'd never seen it before, but my goodness. The home that Christina Marlette has opened up to those artists is nothing short of incredible. And neither are any of the people who reside there. And my Uncle Gabriel just might had risen a few notches on my respect metre as well, today. He made Kat very happy. As she deserves.

Yesterday was David's birthday and it was wonderful! That family sure knows how to have a party. And my lovely Aly looked...well. The word I want to use is not appropriate, so I shall say 'delectable' and let you substitute as you will. Meanwhile, my best friend/brother-in-law is now 32, and should, therefore, be one year wiser. Soon I won't be able to ground him anymore when he's a bad boy. Pity.

Little Thomas's first birthday is on the 26th. I can't believe it's been a year already. It was a year that saw the birth of three children, so technically shouldn't it seem longer? It doesn't. He should be tiny and still clutching my finger as he tries to pull himself into a sitting position. Instead he pulls himself into a standing position and scoots around while holding onto the furniture. He takes batteries out of the remotes Lydia, Anna and Caleb unerringly leave within reach. And he says "No, Dada!" almost religiously. Dada does it anyway, incidentally... And then on the 30th, my Lydia turns 13. My mind is having trouble computing this. My eldest biological child will be a teenager and when did I get old?! Wasn't it yesterday she was making me pinky swear and asking me what intercourse meant? Imagine how red I turned... It's funny if you try.

Today made a lot of thinking happen. Someday, I'm going to be the one, standing at the back of the room, watching my daughter or son get ready to marry someone. And that day might not be as far off as it seems. And the thought is both scary and wonderful.

Here's to the future.
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