April 22nd, 2008

Pissed Off

To Those in the Know

Why I read my cousin Miles' journal I'll never know. But I suppose it's good I did...

Exorcisms. The only way to spend a quality Sunday afternoon with the family. How long before this passtime overtakes lawn bowls in popularity, only time will tell.

Stupidity, I've found, is contagious, widespread, and addictive. Ah, Devon, you should have stuck around to take part. We could have had ourselves a good old fashioned witch trial just to round up the week.

For fuck's sake. Zoe said she had a vision of an exorcism with a blond girl tied to the bed and a priest and a boy who could have been Miles. And they kept saying 'Gott'. Zoe, was the boy you saw the same one at tearworldsapart ?

If it is...it's my own family causing visions now. Not that we're close or anything, but fuck! You don't tie people down! Okay, I would like to state for the record that I never did that when performing 'exorcisms'. It only went bad the one time and that was because Svetlana was actually a demon. Every other time it was merely psychological and we knew that so we went about it that way.

That poor girl...

I can't believe I share blood with those people!!
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