May 25th, 2008

Meh, Just Bleh

Filtered to Spectre, Stuart, Abby, Deirdre, Tasha, and Renee

I've been with Johan and Werner most of the evening. Johan is going to be fine. His fingers are not broken, he merely jammed them and they're a little swollen, but he'll be able to play soon enough. He has an ice pack on his face and hopefully the swelling there will go down soon too.

As for Werner, we all spoke with Rolf, and as Dr Tracey could find nothing else wrong with him...unfortunately, he believes the advice Renee gave Johan to be correct. Werner's body is breaking down because of the strain that changing back and forth puts on the body. I didn't know this occurred, as my knowledge of werewolves is not that advanced. Werner took it as well as could be expected. Rolf says there are things we can try which will ease the strain and elongate Werner's life. He says this isn't a 2-3 weeks thing, he could still have many years left. They just might not be pleasant. Thankfully, he's chosen to relocate here so he can be closer to his son, and we can help him through that.

Werner is the one who hurt Johan, and he did do it when he was unable to control himself. He has decided that, after he changes back to his human form, he is to be isolated from most everyone until he is completely himself again. I can bring him the food he needs to keep himself strong until that time, as he cannot hurt me. And Deirdre, I mentioned that you might be available to do so if I am not. As long as we're all aware when the changes happen and we monitor him, this shouldn't happen again. And Werner is the one who is being most proactive in ensuring it does not. This is absolutely horrible news, but I am thankful that Werner is such a wonderful man. Were he any less, it could have been much, much worse.

And Renee? Johan told me to tell you thank you. He knows it can't have been easy for you to warn him like you did. And he wants you to know he's grateful for the help.
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