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That somehow this black night feels warmer for the spark -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Father Peter Kemp

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To Those in the Know [02 Jun 2008|04:06pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

It appears I need to travel to Romania shortly. The dreams I have been having indicate a group of demons, terrorising the smaller villages there. These are people who still believe in vampires (that is what they believe the demons to be) and the like, and with good reason. They haven't been jaded by the views of society. So these demons can appear in their natural form instead of hiding. And they can do whatever they want without fear of being stopped.

Until now.

I don't know how long I will be gone for. I'm still not entirely sure which village I am headed for, except that it's in the Carpathian mountains. Which are vast. I'm going to need help with this one, lest I end up a lone man, lost in the mountains. I'm not really an outside person...

They have a young angel there that they are keeping captive. I want to save her.

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