June 24th, 2008

Welcome to my hospital

To Those in the Know

Home. Tired.

Not in a bad mood, even if I seem that way. Actually, I'm pretty overjoyed. Even if Thomas did mock me for crying on him. Or...did he? See, he's sneaky like that...

As for Romania, Mirela is staying with us because she's afraid of the hospital. However, as loathe as I am to lock the poor werewolves up again, I've given them a place at the hospital to stay for the moment...it's not really very safe to have them running around in London. I tried my best to explain that they are not prisoners, but I don't know how much got through. I'll work with them. Carefully, apparently, as I can now be killed.

This will make my job more interesting.... And some people talk about hazards in the workplace like not having rubber mats for wet floors... (Though that is still a hazard and yes, we have rubber mats, no harping).

Did I mention I'm tired? I'm tired. But I'm trying this...stay awake until normal bedtime to acclimate myself thing. We all know, come nightfall, I'll be buzzing again. Or just maybe Romanian demon torture is the cure to insomnia.

You never know...

PS when typing my mood, I typoed 'So Many Thongs'. How's that for an anecdote?
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Oh Scruffy

To Those in the Know

See, I told you all I'd be peppy by nightfall. Why, brain, why?

Abby asked me a question I rather hadn't thought about until then. She wanted to know how it happened that Thomas is now alive and I am quite mortal. I just spoke to Rolf. He says I sacrificed my immortality to give life to someone who was clearly already needed because he had already been brought here by an angel.

I didn't know I was doing it. I didn't know it was possible, and from what I understand, if you do know it's possible, that makes it impossible which is why Rolf never told me to begin with. But I asked Thomas to come and stay with you all while I was gone in Romania, because so much was happening and I wanted someone here to take care of things.

He was standing in front of me and he was talking about Adrian and love, and I remember thinking how wonderful it would be if he could be here for Adrian all the time. And then I started thinking about Thomas' family. And how everyone would benefit from Thomas' presence. I...have to admit to also thinking that it wasn't fair that I was the one left alive and he was the one who was dead because sometimes I feel he has so much more to give...but clearly that doesn't matter anymore anyway. I just kept thinking that London could use a Thomas Littleton full time. And that I would give anything to make it happen. For people to be happier and safer and to have a Thomas full-time...it wasn't even about me, which I think is the point. It was about all of you.

So I didn't do it on purpose. I was just musing. Apparently idle musing isn't always as idle as we think it is. I don't regret it. Of course I don't. I would have died to give Thomas his life again. This, I think, is much more acceptable.
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