September 28th, 2008

Shiny Unhappy Eyes

To Those in the Know

Hello, all. Saul's here. He showed up on the doorstep, much like everyone in the world has lately. Now he's dictating what I should write to me, which is interesting at best because if I wrote how he's saying it, it might be slightly incoherent. And you know...American...

He says Dragonetti has been acting alone lately. He's still with the Templar, but while the Templar have no intention of further pursuing us, Dragonetti does. He was trying to get information on Rolf out of Saul because he knows he can get to any of us through Rolf. Rolf has stood against the Templar for centuries. If Dragonetti waltzed into one of their bunkers with Rolf...he would be their greatest hero and I have a feeling they'd listen to anything they said. And once again, they'd be on their mad quest to bring power back to them.

Dragonetti is unpredictable and cruel, but he is acting alone. Already, Caoilfhionn and Deirdre have gone to look for him where he was holding Saul, though if they find him they'll be careful to call for help before doing anything. He could have tranqs and I'd rather not have him touching them, thank you.

As for Saul, he wasn't injured. He says he spent the last week and some in a room with his leg chained to the floor and food always just out of reach, however, which he says, "was about as fun as a fucking hole in the head". He escaped eventually and made his way here. We'll take care of him, and see that he regains his strength before he does anything else. Knowing Saul he'll want to rejoin the fray tomorrow, but I'll try to get him to rest for maybe two days.

As always, we'll be vigilant, and Dragonetti won't take us by surprise, thanks to Saul.
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