November 6th, 2008

Tired of this

To Those in the Know

Feeling better. No. Just less tired. Seeing pictures of yourself with drawings all over your face does tend to wake one up! It was Kat who drew the cock on my cheek, wasn't it? Kat or Thomas. You wicked people.

Not really. I'm more than grateful that I was never alone.

I had dreams. Not all of them are things I feel I need to talk about, but I did dream about the Templar. Dragonetti more than any of the others. Someone was telling me his own bravado would be his undoing, but I couldn't find the person who belonged to the voice. Stupid dreams. I do believe they mean that he's not as much of a threat as we thought just a few weeks ago. And that's encouraging.

I'm still recovering and I'm going in for another round of chemo tomorrow. But so far, no memory loss. No...weird things. I can still get a bit muddled but I remember who everyone is and who I am and that's a big thing. Another encouraging thing. And I'll take whatever I can get.
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