December 14th, 2008

Squinty Concerned Eyes, Squintylike

To Those in the Know

Amadeo has informed me that two demons were somehow involved with the attacks on Delford and Iris. He isn't sure about the others, but we'll look in to it. He says their names are Kayin and Aybelle (Cain and Abel. You can see why I've been confused since he brought them up the first time) and they're quite old. He knows them personally and he's dreamed of where they are or where they will be, so we'll approach them if we can. Carefully, of course.

My family are headed to Valencia. I'm staying behind, and so is Tasha. Aly has already said anyone is welcome to go with her. Our Spanish relatives are incredibly kind and you'll be lavished with affection. Joe Littleton has offered as well, and so has Deirdre. She has a holiday house in Dublin.

I have faith that we can get through this. I just want my family out of the way in the meantime. And if you want to leave too, know it's not cowardly. No one will think that. Let me know if you want to, but you aren't sure where to go and we'll work it out. Feel free to spread the word to people who aren't in the know as well. Just because they don't understand doesn't mean they shouldn't have a chance to leave too.
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