March 29th, 2009


Filtered to David, Spectre and William and then Tasha

This morning Deirdre threw things at me. I think her clock radio bounced off my head and fell into the bin, which would have been impressive under different circumstances. Either way, she's doing better now. Apparently bruising me is therapeutic. Hurrah. After the bruising we did a lot of talking. She'll be alright to be around people tomorrow, Adrian. You have my word. I would tell you otherwise if I were worried. For the sake of your children as well as everyone in your home.

Then I went to see Aly. I brought her some food, because I wanted to see if our suspicions were valid, David. And Bria answered the damn door. She wouldn't let me in to my own home, so I threatened her with police action and she pulled out the fact that the house is in Aly's name. Stupid dying of brain cancer.

I walked in anyway, and tried to talk to Aly. I suggested that we eat a meal together and she nearly hit the roof, saying things like she didn't want a meal, she wanted her children and on and on. And the more I think about it, the more I realise that this behaviour seems more like misdirection. She's putting it on to distract us from what's really going on. She doesn't look well. In fact she looks about ten kilos lighter, which is ten kilos she needs.

I would have taken her to the hospital right then and there, but I barely opened my mouth and she scratched my face. And then she said if I touched her again she would 'call the police and tell them I roughed her up'. Because you see...she has my skin under her fingernails.

Isn't it grand? Help me.
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