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That somehow this black night feels warmer for the spark -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Father Peter Kemp

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To Those in the Know, away from Liz [18 Apr 2009|11:36pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm back at home now. I think Liz is possessed. She attacked me. Which...I guess I sort of understand.

No, you know what, no I don't. My life is my life. And if she takes offense to it, she should talk to me like an adult, not slap me around. I would never hurt her. I can't and won't fight back. Which does tend to make it pretty one-sided... And then I fell on my arse.

Svetlana? If you want to join me, I'm here. The kids are still at Jacinta and Edward's so at least they didn't witness the showdown. If you'd like, I can take you out to dinner?

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