May 11th, 2009

Watching Over

To Those in the Know

So much can happen in an instant that changes everything forever. Today I listened to my cousin screaming in my ear about how betrayed she was because her best friend's husband turned out to be something no one had seen coming. And I hurt for her and for Isabelle and for everyone else touched by such a thing. I remember finding out the Thomas I had been speaking to and confiding in and laughing least from a distance, wasn't really Thomas. And perhaps Amaris and Aurelia did right to keep away from me then because I might have known the difference, and perhaps I might not have. Either way, I remember how betrayed and misled I felt then. And that...that doesn't even compare to this.

Things can change for the better in an instant too, and that is what I am trying to remind myself. My dear cousin Johan spoke words of truth to his fellow human beings and they responded with understanding and compassion. They acquitted him of a crime that could have seen him in prison for a very long time. Deirdre made...perhaps an ill-judged trip, yes, but in doing so, she found our beloved Thomas and returned him to us. Flynn, choose to aid my darling Tasha instead of running down the stairs in Little Moscow, and ended up helping her rather a lot. My beautiful daughter Anna told me they talked about homelessness in school today, and when she got home she gathered up two bags of things she wants to donate to less fortunate children. And when Lydia and Caleb heard what she was doing, they joined in too and there are now seven bags full of donations sitting by our front door. I couldn't be prouder of my children for the love and kindness they show at every chance they get.

All these things, however big or small, they can change the course of a life and not just mine. I want to remember that. Everything I do, it could change the course of a life forever. And I will do whatever I can to ensure that my actions lead to goodness and happiness. I think that is something many people could do with thinking about.
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