June 6th, 2009

To Cry, Grief

To Those in the Know

Some...arsehole dug up my sister's grave and reburied her under some broken down orphanage. I don't know why... I can't even go into it right now, but it was a big thing and we found her there...it was...horrible.

When I told Abby about it, I was at the hospital. Carys Spencer overheard, and in a well-meaning but incredibly ill move, she brought Margaret back.

My older sister is sitting in my living room, looking so much like Lydia it's terrifying. She was fourteen when she died. Lydia is fourteen. But Margaret is not fourteen anymore. She was born the same year as Thomas. She has all those years of watching behind her. She has all those years of wisdom and knowledge...she's not a teenager, she just looks like one.

I'm so very messed up over this. I didn't want to see her this way. Not Margaret.
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