September 13th, 2009


To Those in the Know

I keep having a vision when I dream. It's of darkness and cold. I dismissed it at first, but now I don't know... The dream visions had never been useless, even if they were obscure in what they were trying to say and this would be no different. There isn't a lot to know with just darkness and cold. But I remembered today Tasha had a recurring nightmare. She told me it was just her and she was cold and hungry and it was dark. That was exactly what I felt. And fuck I hope she's not feeling that too... Fuck.

I can't know for sure. Tasha could have been having recurring memories from the Templar, and this might have nothing to do with them. But I can't ignore it anymore.

This has gone on long enough. My visions 12 times a day seem to have stopped. And since I'm not going to break, I'm going to look.

I think I'll start with Old Wildborough. It's cold and dark. Anyone in for a trek to the middle of fucking nowhere?
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