November 22nd, 2009


To Those in the Know

Today I scared the living daylights out of some snot-nosed kid who was trying to force himself on my daughter. I had a vision and I showed up at his house and he looked scared to death. Lydia had already broken his nose and she assures me she kicked him in the bollocks too. Apparently he wanted to kiss and when she said no, he said he would spread rumors around that she was promiscuous. Luckily Lydia was having none of that and then I showed up, wielding my fatherly crazy. Lydia and I had a long talk about not going to boy's houses when you don't know them, and I realised that I do matter. Because I could have been in a hole in Rome and then what I saw in my vision would have happened. But it didn't. Just because I can't see where the poor people in my other visions are yet...that doesn't make me useless. It makes the visions really fucking annoying, but I'm not useless.

And the Templar can kiss my arse, because I'm not stopping. They can put me in a hole and do whatever else they want to, and I am not stopping. I'm angry now. Angry for what they did when before I just felt despair. Now I'm livid. At the Templar and at horny teenage boys who think my Lydia is theirs for the taking. No way in hell. To either of them.
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