January 7th, 2010

Tea oh good god tea

To Those in the Know

We went to the house Lavinia described, but Amaris wasn't there. The man she killed in order to steal his home was, but she was long gone. We'll keep looking.

I've visited Dragonetti a number of times now. He hasn't changed his tune. I told him I was not the Antichrist, and I showed him the angel who had made me immortal, and he decided that I had somehow brainwashed Rolf, and now he thinks Rolf is my lover.

Why does he assume every man I have ties to is my lover? That was only true once! And past-tense! He apparently thinks I 'conquered' Thomas, Stuart, Robert, Adrian, Rolf, and Ryn. Hmm. Oh, AND Daniel. Who is my cousin, thank you. Honestly? The last man I found attractive (other than Johnny Depp, but who is immune to him?) was David. Before I met Aly. Before we became friends. He thinks this is hilarious, by the way. I do not have 2894782 Satanic lovers, you deluded man! I'm married!

He frustrates me. I hope we get through to him before I accidentally punch him in the teeth or something. Fuck.

In happy news, Flynn came over this afternoon and he asked Aly to help decorate his wedding to Quinn and now she's dancing all over the house and decorating everything (including me; I was the bemused recipient of a doily...) and it's adorable.

Back to the hospital. Perhaps another counseling Dragonetti session...
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Black and White Sadness, Uh oh!

To Those in the Know

Augh. It never ends.

It appears I'm going to Russia. Someone I know has traced the origin of the Supernatural Virus which afflicted us some months back. It's a biological weapon, developed specifically to target Supernaturals. And it can't be allowed to continue. We have to reach the facility and destroy it.

And...I'm hoping I'm not going alone, though if you are coming, you're being inoculated against that filth again. I won't risk anyone catching it.

This is going to be dangerous. There are a lot of factors here. Warlords and...you know, Russia. This is not going to be easy.

And I thought I was going to have a quiet night in...
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