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That somehow this black night feels warmer for the spark -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Father Peter Kemp

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To Those in the Know [18 Jan 2010|08:29pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I returned from a rather harrowing and horrible time in Russia, only to find the basement flooded from a burst pipe, and then I went to see Amaris (what was I thinking?) and she promptly ripped my face off. Literally. I decided to give Dragonetti a miss.

It's either whine here like a little bitch, or the other kind of wine. Indulge me.

I was sent to a slaughter. Not just that, I was sent to lead a slaughter, though I didn't so much lead it as be horrified by it. I thought it was a rescue mission. I thought we were saving people.

Fuck me.

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