January 26th, 2010


To Those in the Know

Thomas is in quite a state. He tells me he asked Svetlana to try to shock him out of his body so he could return to the beyond. We know this has worked on other occasions. I did it to Robert myself with a cricket bat (and we're going to pretend I didn't get a little vindictive pleasure out of it). It was a fair enough assumption, but it didn't work. The lower half of his body took most of the impact. His back is broken and he can't feel his legs. Which he says is actually preferable because it means he can't feel pain from them. They're broken in several places and they've been set and such. The impact would have killed him, were he not dead. He's having trouble speaking because his lungs...

I'll just keep the rest of the details out of it. Suffice to say, he's confined to the hospital because he asked me to break his neck. And I don't believe I need to see that again, thank you.

I cannot think of who could possibly need him now. Everyone who knows him will know he's suffering... They would know he can't really accomplish anything... And how could someone who doesn't know him be keeping him here. And apparently there's nothing anyone can do. No matter how old or powerful they are. The rules are the rules and Thomas just has to satisfy them.

Dammit. Fuck the fucking rules.
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