May 7th, 2010

Quiet smile

Friends Only

No seizures in two days, and today I spent all day shopping with Lydia and Anna who insisted that they wanted me to do it instead of Aly. Not because I know what I am doing, but because I am a bigger pushover. We ate lunch at Caffe Nero so I could have caffeine and Lydia had two of the milkshake frappes. Then she was quite hyper and she spent two hours telling me about the advantages of boots and why she needed some. Then we went to Camden and Anna led me around the market and it was terrifying. She was in Heaven. She bought these neon hair things to wear in her hair and I don't understand them, but now her hair is blond and purple and pink. We ate some snacks of Questionable Origin and a pigeon stalked us and I squealed, and then we returned home and Caleb informed me he wants boots like Lydia's. That's a day.

Anna has given Caleb a makeover with some of her purchases from tody, and now Caleb looks a little bit like Boy George. I'm hiding, because she's trying to give me one too. She said, "Daddy, don't you want to be pretty?!" I am not entirely sure more coiffing would help out. Lydia already bought me a pink earring today because it made her laugh. I'm wearing it now.

For I am man.

Life isn't always easy, and sometimes I get quite annoyed with it, and then I have days like today and I remember the good things. Then I'm quite thankful for all I have. Because it's a hell of a lot.
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