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I went to my brother Ben's house for dinner last night and it was a rather nice time! I did us all a favour and brought along something I did not make. It was for the best. And Lydia and Andy had a conversation I didn't have a chance of understanding, and I speak eight languages. It just went by so fast. I thought Aly and her family talked fast. My god.

And just what in the hell is an arpats? I feel like this is vital information I am missing out on here...

Noah is doing well, which made me happy! And Ben and I had a conversation about Mesopotamia which I understood and loved a little too much, I think. History is so fascinating. And Andy and Lydia told us to stop being boring.

I am so last century with my strange ways and my groovy love of history. I should wear tweed. And elbow patches. But jeans are so much nicer.

...I have no idea what that was. I was going to say it was a lovely evening and then I came home and my wife greeted me with pie and my son Caleb told me to call him dude instead of darling because it's 'mannier'. So little Tommy decided he wants to be Little Dude. And now he only answers if you address him as such. Anna has gone on point in ballet class, so it's dancing and tutus all over the house, and now William wants to be 'a ballerina too'. I'm not going to try to explain that one to him... He has one of Anna's tutus and he seems very happy with it. Oh, and then Lauren vomited on my favourite sweater, but she smiled at me after so I forgave her.

I don't think I will get any sleep any time in the near future. My family is wonderful, amazing, and never stops.
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