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Friends Only

Tonight Ben, Noah and Andy came over for dinner and we inundated them with family and Spanish food. Jeremy came over, which was good. It was nice to see him. Liz brought her troops too. Johan came as well, which was absolutely wonderful. And Tasha came home from the hospital today, so she was able to be here, which meant we were also joined by Katia. It was really nice to have a room full of family. And I do mean full. We were in the dining room, which is blessedly large, though I'm thinking the next gathering should probably take place at the manor house. Liz is a better host than I am anyway!

I have to say, watching my wife fangirl one brother (Ben) while she sits in the other brother's lap (Jeremy, they're always in cahoots)? Strangely amusing. And then she had one too many caramel cremes and started speaking rapidfire Spanish. Ah, sugar. Anna entertained us by dancing to music Lydia played on the piano. And then Caleb let the dogs in and all descended into something like brilliant chaos.

And I think Cardinal Sin stole my shoe because I still can't find it.

I hope you all had a nice time?
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