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To Those in the Know

I'm at home. Last night I had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, and today I ate three square meals and spent all day with my kids and my wife. I had a vision and when it happened, I didn't even drop the cup of tea I was having. There was no pain. I stood still, saw what I needed to see, and proceeded over to the phone to call Razvan who was able to save a young woman who needed saving. All without drama (well...other than the poor girl's, but I have been assured she's fine) or pain or far too much attention paid to yours truly because I fell into something or on something or bled from something.

Is this how being normal feels? I mean...aside from the vision. Waking up refreshed and actually eating before I suddenly realise it's midnight and I've forgotten to eat a thing?

Jesus H. Christ, says the ex-priest. I never knew life could be this good.

And tomorrow (since it is after midnight on the 8th) it's my birthday. I will be turning 40. Since I am feeling as good as I am, we're having a party on the family yacht. You're all welcome if you can read this. There won't be alcohol, sorry, but plenty of food and drinks and music and fun. The boat is big enough for people to mill around. I really look forward to seeing you all there if you can make it.

The world is such a wonderful place to be in right now.
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