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Filtered to Deirdre

I'm so sorry I wasn't here yesterday, Sweetheart. I didn't even know any of this was going on. Deirdre, you don't deserve Kait's fear. Renee has already made that clear to you. That doesn't change the fact that she's afraid. It's unfounded, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exsist. While I wish just saying 'don't be afraid' would work, it won't. You have to show her, and I know you don't feel like you should have to, but isn't Kait worth it? I was, remember? I was so afraid I would bring you all harm and I was wrong and you knew it and you all kept right on showing me until you got through. Just be your wonderful amazing self and Kait will see.

As for why I wasn't here, Aly had to go to hospital. It seems a girl from you Uni with a rather weird name has it in for David. Agates...Amandtis. It's something like that. She sent Aly a poisioned muffin through David and Remy Baudrillard. I want you to be very very careful. Apparently she was close to Richard O'Doherty. If she's capable of trying to get to David by coming through his pregnant sister, I have no doubt she could try to harm you through people you love too. We've contacted the police, but considering how well they've handled things like this in the past, I still feel I need to make you aware of it.

Aly and the baby will be fine, by the way. Love you, Deirdre.

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