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I wanted to kill someone today. This girl who plays with people's lives. She tried to kill the woman who will be my wife and my unborn child. She came at them in revenge. They are innocents in this. We're all innocents in this and she came at them anyway. My child would be dead right now if it were not for the fact that it's inherited a certain quailty of mine that protects it from death. Not that I'm pleased to discover that trait has been passed on, but I'm so relieved the child is alright. That girl would be dead if it weren't for Deirdre. Deirdre held me back. A demon held me back from doing violence to a 21 year old girl. A terrible girl, but a girl nonetheless. The irony is not lost on me. I never thought I would be capable of that. To let anger take me until I lose control. But I almost did. And god I wanted to. I still want to. But I won't. I'll try to handle this the correct way. The usual way. The right way. But it's hard when it's personal. I've been talking to these demons like it's easy, and suddenly someone threatens my happiness and the people I love and I understand the rage. I always knew it wasn't easy to quell anger within yourself, but I've glimpsed just a taste of what they must feel everyday and it's terrifying.

I feel for every single one of them. And it only makes me want to help them all the more.

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